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Matthew Baltzell CEO & Founder

Matthew Baltzell formerly hosted Real Estate Journeys (114 episodes), a Top 400 Business Podcast and is a real estate investor with a portfolio of 743 units. Currently he works an Asset Manager at Boardwalk Wealth, a private equity company based in Dallas, Texas which specializes in acquiring large multi-family apartments.

Matthew is a coffee sommelier and loves a good Americano.

Kin Qindala
Manager of Operations

With  a great deal of experience in Telecommunications, Insurance, Travel, and Retail, Kin is adept at Customer Service Experience, Quality Control, and Training. Having worked as a the Master Trainer for the largest telecommunications company in the US, she sets the seal on only the best experience for all Elite Podcast Bookings clients while helping them reach full business potential. 

Kin loves animals and enjoys being around nature. 

MJ Dangangao
Client Relations Manager

Seasoned Customer Support Representative with 4+ years of experience. Handled retail, healthcare, and logistics. Skilled at transforming customer feedback into actionable insights that drive revenue, increase customer loyalty, and improve processes. 

MJ is a swiftie (music lover) and an awkward dancer. 

Joana Tuazon
Chief of Marketing

Joana has three years of expertise in the Hospitality and Consumer Lending Industry. She has also experience as Business Development Representative in the Tech Recruitment Industry. With all of that, She strives to establish trustworthy and strong connections with clients to generate success and business growth.

Joana loves to travel to experience various cultures.

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